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Cannon and Shot Photos from the Civil War Period


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United States Field Artillery Association

The Longhorn Councilís nationally certified instructor trainers for muzzle-loading artillery are members of Venturing Crew 1872. Our instructors enforce BSA and Longhorn Council guidelines for using cannons and follow the National Safety Rules and Procedures for Shooting Muzzle-loading Artillery from the American Artillery Association and the guidelines of the US Field Artillery Association.

Crew 1872 instructors host the Longhorn Council's Venturing Living History program at Civil War reenactments throughout the year and staff the US Cavalry program at the Council's Texas High Adventure Base. Our instructors maintain and supervise the use of the Council's four Model 1841 Mountain Howitzers in all Living History programs.

The Crew also supervises the care and maintenance of the Civil War replica revolvers, pistols, carbines, and other reenactment equipment used in the Longhorn Council's Living History and High Adventure programs and at other Council and civic events.


4th U.S. Cavalry serving artillery.


4th U.S. Cavalry readies the piece.


Officer conducts safety inspection.


4th U.S. Cavalry firing Howitzers.


Captain Glass and his Gatling gun.


Barrel-end view of the Gatling gun.