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Have questions? Visit Our Yahoo Group/Forum!

You can contact us on our Yahoo forum to ask the crew specific questions about joining, about venturing or about most anything related to these topics. The web site URL is: To participate in this forum you need to be a yahoo groups member or have a yahoo ID. To sign up with Yahoo, go to the topmost tool bar on the Crew's or any Yahoo page and click the Sign Up link.

What are the costs to be totally involved with Venturing Crew 1872?

Membership and Dues are $30.00 per year. Uniforms and Equipment cost $200 to $400 and may be purchased over time. Activities and cost of food and supplies may be shared at most events; usually about $20.00. These are the incidental costs such as food, transportation, etc. to group venturing events.

   Join The Ranks
We have a support team that is ready to help you with whatever question should arise. To speak with crew members, go to the forum.
Specific questions regarding joining the are found at this location: Boy Scouts Venturing Program.

See the Crew Guide for detailed explanations on  Crew Requirements and Duties.
The Crew has a Yahoo Group full of content, news, photos and reenactment event info for you to view. Is life boring? No excitement to pique your senses. Looking for adventure? We have just what you need. Click the Join image on the right and sign up.

    Crew Contacts

Cpt. Brian R. Glass, Crew Adviser:
  (817) 229-4081

Cpt. Beau Moore, Asst. Adviser:
  (214) 695-2431

Ed Townes: Chartered Organization Rep

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