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Equipment Requirements
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Frazer Brothers *
Mercury Supply
Dixie Gun Works
Cabelas *
Aston Sutler
James Country Sutler
Fall Creek Sutlery
C and C Sutlery
Olde Tyme Mercantile *

Sutlers followed by a * have local stores.

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Captain Brian R. Glass, Venturing Crew 1872 Advisor

Captain Brian R. Glass. the Crew 1872 Advisor salutes you. If you have a desire for adventure and are between the ages of 14 and 20 the Civil War needs new recruits. Forget the video games - this is the real thing! These are real battle reenactments right down to the smallest details. Join with The Crew. We will have many exciting times ahead and battles to fight and to win. See our Venturing Brochure for more information or contact us.

  Boy Scouts of America Venturing Crew 1872

The Venture Crew represents a Company of 50 men that typically have 3 officers and a number of non-commissioned officers. The Crew Adviser will serve as Captain and his two assistants as Lieutenants. All other adults will support the crew by representing privates.

Venture Crew 1872 elects “Non-Commissioned Officers” from the youth membership. The First Sergeant will serve as Crew President or Senior Patrol Leader. Other NCOs will be assigned details as needed to care for crew arms and equipment. Sergeants and Corporals will serve as Platoon Leaders and act as Patrol Leaders and Assistant Patrol Leaders. All other members, youth and adult, will be Troopers.

Members are able to work towards the Venturing Bronze, Gold and Silver award as well as other special unit awards. The requirements for the Bronze award is tailored to our program to initiate and train new recruits. Coed members will have the option to pursue Victorian “civilian” interests as well.

This Venture Crew has the privilege and responsibility of maintaining the Longhorn Council’s program equipment, which includes tents, period camping equipment, belts, leather goods, carbines and howitzers. Individuals will be required to provide their own basic equipment as below:

The Standard Uniform

Basic Equipment

• 1860’s muslin shirt
• Sky blue wool trousers
• Cotton suspenders
• Dark blue 4-button sack coat
• Black slouch hat
• Footwear, boots or brogans
• Black tarred haversack
• Blue wool canteen

You can find out more equipment information on the Crew Yahoo forum and from the document Equipment Requirements.  Much of the equipment can be purchased locally from our list of sutlers.

Note About Equipment:

Please Note: Contact the First Sergeant or a Company Officer before buying any equipment. We have a list of suppliers and other resources. Also see the list of suppliers or "Sutlers" on the Links column to the left on this page for more information on equipment.

The links provide store locations and pricing for the materials. The prices are used only as a guide. For current pricing, contact the sutler directly for their price list.