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2019 Calendar


Reenactment Trips

Regarding Civil War Reenactments  We typically leave on Friday nights around 7:00 PM to arrive later that evening at the event site. We will set up camp before we bunk.  Saturday morning we get up, do a few work details, have breakfast, drill, eat lunch and then fight the battle. Between lunch and the battle there is time to clean guns, etc. There are also allowances for a little free time before dinner. At many reenactments there is a Victorian Dance that is enjoyed by all. Sunday mornings are much like Saturday with the addition of a brief morning chapel service. Following the battles, we clean guns, pack up camp and then head for home. The cost to crew members for reenactments is $20.00. This pays for food, shooting supplies and equipment maintenance. Any gate fees will will announced and are each participant's responsibility



Apr 13              Camporee Demo @ Brazos Valley District

May 3-5           CWR - Jefferson

May 27             Memorial Day Ceremony, Fort Worth

July 2019         Philmont Tour

Aug 10               Crew Banquet & Alumni Dinner - Lou's Place @ Texas Wesleyan

Sept 2019          Artillery School

Oct 2019           CWR - Fort Richardson

Nov 22-24         CWR - Liendo Hempstead, Texas

Dec 7                 Medlock Memorial Turkey Shoot

Dec 26-31         20th Annual Winter Camp @ SR2


Look to this web site or the Yahoo group  for further details regarding any scheduled or upcoming event.

The Crew supports events and activities sponsored by the Longhorn Council in various ways. Many of the members serve on staff and others act as “hostiles” for reenactment programs when we are able. We will try to organize a big effort with other reenactors for at least one of the weekends. Following camp, we assist with cleaning guns and equipment.