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The 1872 Crew
 February 17-19,2017

Battle of Blackjack Grove

 March 4th

Texas Independence Day Celebration

 March 10-12

Camp Mabry “Guns of 1863”, Austin Texas

 April 7-9

Fort Richardson’s 150th Anniversary, Jacksboro, Texas

April 28-30

Jamboree Weekend Shake Down, Worth Ranch

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Soldier and His Lady

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4th Regiment US Cavalry

Do you want to be a part of a group that reenacts the life and battles of the Civil and Indian Wars? Do you want to learn how a company works and moves on the battlefield and how to serve in a battery of light and mobile artillery? Then you will want to join Venturing Crew 1872, the premiere Scout Living History unit.

The crew’s activities include Civil & Indian War reenactments complete with battles and Victorian dances. At scheduled Scouting Living History programs at historic forts and other historic sites, crew members participate in various drills and fatigue duties. We are also renown for our infamous “Round Rolling Parties.” The crew also promotes Longhorn Council camp programs where members will have an opportunity to serve as Chisholm Trail Program Staff.

working cannon artillery
Gatling gun
Pistols, rifles, swords,
   sabers, and more!
Authentic re-enactments.
Period uniforms, weapons.
Travel to the big battles!
Join the Crew
Are you 14-20 years old?
Want to live a great
Join Venturing Crew 1872!

Spring/Summer 2017 Crew Schedule